JSP Logistics
Focus on the Goal
JSP Logistics is a company that never loses sight of that ultimate goal.
Our Services
An airfreight service designed for commercial shipments.This service has a choice of transit times with First Class guaranteed to Economy services.
JSP Ocean
This service offers customers delivery of their goods by LCL or FCL designed to deliver at the most cost effective method.
JSP Warehouse & Distribution
This is a contract warehousing service offered to customers who want to outsource their inventory management and delivery needs.
JSP Japan Speed Pack
A specially designed tourist pack service for visitors to NZ and Australia who require their purchased souvenirs, gifts and personal items safely returned to their homes in Japan.
JSP Wine Logistics
A specialized wine service by air or sea for wine customers wanting real attention to detail in delivering wine to Japan and all over the world.
JSP Surfboard Logistics
A specialized surfboard air transport service, handled by experienced and knowledgeable staff.
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